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During the summer months, the Todd Becker Foundation selects several cities to conduct outreach events following a past high school assembly. These events serve as a way to counter the culture of town street dances, festivals, and concerts that are too often accompanied with drinking, partying, sexual promiscuity and the like. Youth get sucked into these activities and fall prey to the rebellious choices these events ultimately end up promoting. Blockstop is an effective way to counter this culture by bringing the light of Jesus Christ into the darkness of our world.

Front and center, blocking off the city's main street or town square turns heads. It takes the life-changing Gospel to people. In a world where the truth of God's word is more and more suppressed, Blockstop brings the Gospel to the place where the first disciples started it all - the public square! (Acts 5:42)

Summer 2015 Blockstop Events:

Grant, Nebraska - June 6, 2015
-(3rd Street between Central Avenue & Washington Avenue)

Broken Bow, Nebraska - July 10, 2015
-(South 8th Avenue - East side of square)

Gering, Nebraska - July 25, 2015
-(O Street between 10th Street & 9th Street)